Welcome to my site! I sing this song and its all for you. I hope to inspire an imaginative and vivid creative template for future movie makers from Hollywood to Bollywood, bumpin straight Kenwood all good, you will be putting my ideas into perfect movie prose for the swole minds of the times that be collecting door dimes. That trades for the eye spy of what you and I say, now that`s a great Movie Script! Go flip it for a cool MILLY and take a swilly off the blunt-billy fa feel? Clear day, as a writer I know Prompts are key, let`s see… (dont worry bout my grammar/language, i aint worried bout it, why the fuk you worried about it!?) I HOPE YOU ARE INSPIRED TO WRITE A BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO)

I want to help you with my creativity and I bought a book to help me get better it`ll help get on another level… Advanced Screenwriting: Raising Your Script to the Academy Award Level

YORTY ZEPTAR 2018 >>…<<

Let`s create an Award Winner!

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